TLDR: I believe in unraveling the significance we attach to our experiences, fostering connection, and providing tools for personal growth. In my work with couples I focus on breaking harmful patterns and emphasizing mutual understanding and attunement.

My philosophy to therapy is rooted in the understanding that human beings are meaning-making creatures. This means that the ways in which we make sense of our lived experiences and relationships inform how we move through the world. Beliefs that were formulated in moments of vulnerability can often feel intrinsically connected to safety and survival, even when as time progresses, they no longer serve us. As a relational therapist, I work to build the connection and safety that will allow my clients to feel more willing to challenge themselves and their beliefs in the interest of personal growth. Together we will explore how the past has shaped you and how we can reshape the present and future to better suit you.

Helping people more effectively create meaning and connection in their lives is one of the most beautiful things I have the pleasure to witness as a therapist. To this end, I help my clients to identify and tap into their internal and external resources, whether that be relating differently to loved ones, identifying internal strengths, or connecting with community resources. I specialize in working with clients who are looking for more effective ways to manage adult ADHD, anxiety, relationship issues, occupational stress, and developmental trauma. I connect most with clients who identify as different and seek ways to organize their lives outside the standard conventions of society.

When working with couples, I focus on providing education and tools from Emotional-Focused therapy as well as the Gottman Method that are designed to help couples break patterns that cause harm to the relationship. I do not take sides or assist anyone in identifying one person as the problem or “fixing” one partner. Instead, I assist my couples in collaboratively identifying what precipitates moments of disconnection and providing them with the tools to use these moments as opportunities to better understand one another and foster attunement. I assist couples in learning how they can honor their partner’s needs while getting their own needs met as well. I specialize in assisting conflict-averse couples in learning to respectfully express discontent and to feel more comfortable addressing conflict in the moment rather than allowing resentment to build.

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