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Our therapists can support you in exploring and healing struggles with self-esteem. This process involves exploring the roots of self-doubt, acknowledging personal strengths, and fostering a compassionate self-view. Therapy offers tools to challenge negative beliefs, celebrate achievements, and build a more positive self-narrative. With warmth and understanding, therapists collaborate with you to cultivate self-compassion, encouraging you to embrace your worth and navigate life with increased confidence.

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Perfectionism can intricately affect self-esteem, placing immense pressure to meet unrealistic standards, fostering a constant fear of falling short, and encouraging imposter syndrome. You will collaborate with your therapist to shift the narrative, encouraging self-compassion, celebrating progress over perfection, and fostering a more realistic and nurturing relationship with oneself.

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Impact of Social Media and Comparison Culture

We recognize the profound impact of social media on self-esteem, self-worth, and sense of self. In an age dominated by virtual connections, we are here to guide you through the complexities of navigating online spaces. We understand the challenges that social media can pose to mental health, and we provide a safe space to explore harmful societal standards and comparison culture. Together, we’ll untangle the threads of self-esteem, fostering resilience and self-acceptance.

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Deriving our sense of worth from others can lead to a constant need for external validation and approval. Therapy creates a supportive space to unravel these patterns and rediscover your intrinsic value. Your therapist will guide you in establishing healthy boundaries, cultivating self-love, and fostering a more balanced and fulfilling sense of self, ultimately empowering you to break free from the constraints of codependency and embrace a more authentic and confident life.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What Services Do You Offer?

We offer online and in-person individual and couples psychotherapy for individuals 18 and older.

How Long Are Sessions?

We offer 45 minute sessions.

How Often Do I See My Therapist?

We recommend weekly therapy, especially in the early stages of the psychotherapy process. During therapy, you and your therapist will collaborate on any adjustments to your schedule that may be beneficial for you.

How Do I Pay For Sessions?

We require clients to have a credit card on file, but payments can also be made with cash, your FSA, and debit cards.

Can I Use My Insurance To Pay For Therapy?

We are not in-network with any insurances but we are partnered with Reimbursify and can submit superbills to your insurance for reimbursement if you have out-of-network benefits. Learn more here.

Do You Offer Sliding Scale?

We do our best to make psychotherapy accessible to therapy seekers. Learn more about our sliding scale here.

Can I Work With You If I Don't Live In New York?

At this time we only offer psychotherapy services to individuals residing in New York State.

How Do I Choose A Therapist?

You’ve got options! 

  • Option 1: Go to our Team page and read through the therapist bios. Book a free 15 minute consultation or initial session with any therapist you’re interested in.
  • Option 2: Get matched with a therapist through a free 15 minute consultation with our intake coordinator.
  • Option 3: Get matched with a therapist through our Therapist Matching typeform tab located on the right side of our website or through our contact form on our website.

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Schedule and complete a phone consultation.

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Complete our simple intake forms and schedule an initial session with your therapist.

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Start your therapy journey.

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