Corinne Olson LMSW

She / Her / Hers

Modalities: Individual & Couples Therapy

Locations: In-Person & Virtual


I provide a compassionate, heart-centered therapeutic space where we co-create a healing journey. We will unpack life’s heaviness, cultivate inner acceptance, and honor your unique experiences. I’m committed to your autonomy and truth, and I would be honored to witness and support you on your journey.”

About Me

I provide a compassionate heart-centered therapeutic space in which I support and empower you in healing, nurturing, and exploring your unique life experiences – both internal and external. I practice in a psychodynamic, relational, anti-oppressive, and emotion-focused therapeutic framework. I believe psychotherapy is a co-creative process between myself and my clients. Together, we can gather strengths, tend to wounds, and make room to look bravely and gently at the nuances of where you have been, where you are, and where you want to go.

I describe my sessions as a warm refuge to lay down whatever heaviness you may be carrying and cultivate inner acceptance, kindness, and strength as you come home to your truest self. We are partners in this process and I highly value and honor the distinctive cultures, perspectives, and identities you hold as we develop our therapeutic relationship. Your agency and autonomy are central to our work together. It is incredibly important to me that you feel validated and seen in your truth, that you are leading the way as we embark on a path of embodied healing.

My background is one of both science and soul, and I will work to curate a highly individualized treatment plan with the tools to meet and address your specific needs. I have studied the Gottman Method of couple’s therapy, energy medicine, clinical herbalism, guided imagery, trauma-informed Somatic Experiencing therapies, mindfulness tools, and a wide array of holistic health practices. I received a BS in Integrative Health Care, minoring in psychology, and went on to graduate from Columbia University’s School of Social Work with an MSW.

I have vast knowledge and clinical experience working with families and mothers/birthing parents in pregnancy, postpartum, and the early stages of parenthood. I believe we live in a cultural paradigm that doesn’t offer the nurturing and support that families need to navigate this transformative, challenging, and tender time. I offer a space to gently unpack the shifting identities of new parenthood, traumatic or challenging birth experiences, postpartum depression, and changing relationships between parents during this time.

I also frequently work with teens and young people and support their development of healthy relationships with themselves and others in what is often a trying, transitional time.

Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, working through childhood trauma, building a family, navigating intimate partnership, or simply want to know your innermost self in order to live in alignment with who you are- I would be honored to witness and support you as your therapist.

*Corinne will not be accepting new clients until Fall of 2024. If you would like to be placed on her waitlist, please use the contact form.

A Little More


  • Mothers/birthing parents in pregnancy
  • Postpartum
  • Early stages of parenthood
  • Healthy relationships
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Working through childhood trauma
  • Navigating intimate partnership
  • Couples Therapy
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Education / Training

– Trained in Motivational Interviewing with Certificatio
– Professional Training & Development in TF-CBT
– Level 1 Training in The Gottman Method of Couples Therapy
– Level 1 Training in Somatic Experiencing Therapy
– Extensive Knowledge of Integrative and Holistic Healthcare Modalities
– Certified Lactation Counselor Through Birth Day Presence, Brooklyn
– Trained in Facilitating Guided Visualization and Meditation
– Postpartum Doula Experience

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