Micaiah Quarcoo



Hello there! I’m Micaiah Quarcoo and I truly love what I do as a therapist. Some of my favorite areas to address include relationships, school and career-related challenges, anxiety, depression, and trauma. I’m invested in helping you become “unstuck” by learning body-based relaxation skills, finding “Option C,” and by co-creating a structured, yet flexible therapeutic environment.

I mainly work from psychodynamic and trauma-informed perspectives. This means I take into account the significant role that trauma and early relationships may play in your life today. While early relationships and trauma don’t define you, understanding both can help us together to create a roadmap for change.

To me, therapy is a place where you are deeply seen and accepted. It’s a safe place to do the hard work that is often required for growth, and where you’ll know you aren’t alone. It’s a place where I’ll continuously invite you to practice your developing skill sets during and outside of session. Oftentimes, in this place you’ll find moments of laughter, insight -you may experience “Aha!” moments, psychoeducation, and heartfelt discussions.

I am an alumna of Bard College and of The University at Albany School of Social Welfare. Home is a grounding place for me, so many of the things I enjoy revolve around it: listening to music or a podcast, doing interior design projects, hosting family and friends, or returning home after exploring somewhere new.

If you’d like to further explore whether we might be a good fit, feel free to book a free, 15-minute phone consultation. I’ll look forward to meeting you!

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