Jordan de Kenessey Chapman



I’m Jordan Chapman and I’m a clinical social worker and relational psychotherapist, which basically means that I focus on building an honest and safe relationship with each of my clients. We’ll work to understand how any of the thoughts and feelings that come up between us can improve how you understand yourself and how you relate to other people. I also pay attention to past experiences because those usually inform some aspect of how you understand yourself, and/or any problem you might be experiencing now.

I love therapy because it can make a real difference in how you live your life, which extends to how you feel, day-in and day-out. Any sort of change, including seeing therapist, can be anxiety inducing, so I like to work slowly and help a person move through those normal feelings so that lasting change can happen.

I enjoy working with anyone who’s interested in working on themselves and I prefer long term relationships, because I’ve found (through personal and professional experience) that change usually takes longer than expected. In particular, I like working with men who haven’t had the chance to understand how important it is to be consistently open and clear about emotions, and to have support when life is hard.

I have four years of experience working as a therapist at mental health clinics and in private practice. Previously I worked in advertising and in tech at Google, which gave me a good sense for the daily rhythm of the working world. I have almost 20 years of experience in my own therapy which is the reason I became a therapist. I received my BA in Psychology from Skidmore College and my Master’s in Social Work from New York University

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