Ivy Campbell



My approach is warm, empowering, and centered in the belief that you inherently possess an abundance of strengths to heal and feel your best. I enjoy and find immense value in building a therapeutic partnership that is client-centered and allows you to guide treatment. Therefore, the foundation of our work together will be collaborative, open-minded, and ensure that you have an active voice in your own care every step of the way.

My therapeutic practice is trauma-informed and anti-oppressive, honoring your dynamic personal history and identities, and integrating interventions oriented towards your unique needs. Through this lens, we will explore the sum of your life experiences to support you in cultivating a strong and healthy sense of self which you can learn to care for with compassion. To that end, I will often draw from my background in the arts to carefully thread creative expression, writing activities, and somatic work into your treatment. These will help us explore diverse forms of communication and mind/body connection.

I have vast experience working with women and gender-expansive adolescents and adults in various settings. I’ve worked closely with clients who struggle with eating and co-occurring disorders; survivors of intimate partner violence; and those experiencing familial or relationship distress, homelessness, complex trauma, depression, anxiety, grief, PTSD, and a myriad of other life stressors.

No matter the circumstances, together we will be gently guiding you towards healing, growth, and greater awareness. Through exploration of the dynamic textures of our feelings and experiences, we will aim to find the root of your challenges.

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